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Welcome to Made Down South! Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm up to. This blog serves as my review of projects accomplished since I have way too many that are halfway done. I also tend to have so many urgent ideas where I simply have stop all else to work on the newest thing. So, this blog will show all the ideas that actually get made into stuff! Some of that stuff is available for sale at our etsy shop, Down South Designs.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tutorial: Sewing a Quiet Time Playmat

Here's a quick tutorial for this sweet little playmat. I designed it with a pocket to hold the dress up outfits and ties so it can be rolled up nice and neat. I thought it would be great for my littles to use as church/car toy or even as a placemat when eating a snack in the car.  Of course, I'll make extras to sell in my Etsy Shop, Down South Designs

1 fat quarter Dress Me For Playground    Black/white
1 fat quarter Dress Me For Playground Clothes in Multi
1/4 yd (wof) Dress Me For Playground Black Hearts
1 fat quarter your choice for mat backing
Fusible Fleece
1/2 yard grosgrain ribbon

Cut two 2 1/2" strips and two 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" squares from the black heart fabric.  Sew the two squares right sides together along side, top, side. Turn inside out and iron. Fold over the raw side in twice and sew closes with straight stitch to finish your pocket.  Sew together the 2 1/2" strips and iron in half lengthwise for your doublefold binding.  Set aside. 

Prepare the clothes by ironing fusible fleece to back side of playground clothes fabric. Using sharp scissors, cut out each one.  If you iron on cotton setting, these clothes should hold up well to little hands!  The fleece backing really helps the outfits cling to the playground fabric. 

Cut 14" x 20" sections of black and white playground fabric, fleece and back fabrics. You can iron it if using fusible fleece. I actually used cotton batting scraps because I had that available. I added some quilting just for fun but it's optional.  Position your pocket wherever you want on the back side. Pin well and stitch close to edge at side, bottom, side. 

Stitch on the doublefold binding as you would for any quilt project.  Remember to tuck your grosgrain ribbon inside the binding at center of one side. 

TA DA!! I purchased my fabric online at Bloomerie Fabrics. Great shop, great people! The fabric line is Wee Gallery by Dear Stella. 

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