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Friday, May 16, 2014

First timer at Blogger's Quilt Festival

Link up to Quilt Blogger's Festival at Amy's Creative Side to see all the good stuff!  Here's my quilt entry in the Small Quilt category. It's 42' x  54", all cotton, and machine stitched on Bernina 750QE.                                
I call it Red Cross Love.


It's symbolic to me of all of the big corporate organizations, like American Red Cross and Salvation Army, that come through during disastrous events to help those in need. I chose to use a few scrappy cross blocks to remind me that those mega corporations, while not perfect, can provide the essential structure and guidance needed in time of catastrophe to help those scraps of community volunteers work effectively.   I experienced both sides when 2 deadly hurricanes hit Louisiana in 2005. My local community and church hosted and cared for hundreds who had evacuated New Orleans in the first hurricane named Katrina.   A few weeks later, a double whammy.  The mega Hurricane Rita headed our way and devastated my hometown and many others in the southwest corner of Louisiana.  My family evacuated and we ended up in Tennessee. I couldn't believe there were help centers set up there in the Smoky Mountain area for LA hurricane refugees.  Instead of us helping someone in need, we were being served. It was humbling yet so reassuring.  It won't surprise you that I even met quilters there and was invited to many enjoyable sessions of quilting on an old fashioned frame with like-minded women.  It was a healing time.   And now you know why I put hand stitching on those crosses.

happy stitching, 


sonia said...

Beautiful story behind the quilt. Great quilt too, the scrappy crosses look gorgeous!

SewPsyched! said...

ADORE it!!!!

AnnieO said...

Simple and effective. Red and white is always so striking. Thanks for sharing your quilt's story.

Cille said...

Lovely quilt and the story behind makes one wonder if we could all do a bit more for others everyday.

CitricSugar said...

Lovely - and I love the meaning you've put into it!

Kate Marshall said...

It's a striking and gorgeous quilt, I really like it. The quilting really adds to it, both machine and hand. It was great to read your story behind the quilt. I'm on the other side of the world but when big storms hit the States it always makes the news here in Australia and I remember Hurricaine Rita from the news. I hope you're doing okay now - it's lovely to think that despite its destructiveness a horrible storm can bring out such goodness in people, and lead to the creation of beautiful things like your quilt.

Anne said...

The quilt is gorgeous, and the story behind it is even more beautiful. I love the hand-stitched touches you added as well as the scrappy crosses. Beautiful work!