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Welcome to Made Down South! Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm up to. This blog serves as my review of projects accomplished since I have way too many that are halfway done. I also tend to have so many urgent ideas where I simply have stop all else to work on the newest thing. So, this blog will show all the ideas that actually get made into stuff! Some of that stuff is available for sale at our etsy shop, Down South Designs.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One Block Baby Quilt: X Marks the Spot

It's strange how inspiration strikes.  I was recently reminded of my children's toddler days and our experiences with "time out".  It wasn't always easy to find the perfect time out location where you could supervise the little prisoner. If only I had one of these back then, I could have tossed down the quilt in a convenient spot and ordered them to sit in time out for a couple of minutes.  X marks the spot. Stay on the X.  Now who wouldn't understand that?  HA!

I designed this by using a basic 9 patch block set on point. I used solid gray and solid buttery yellow for this 40" square quilt. I jazzed it up with a bold polka dot on back and soft aqua stripe on the binding.  I love how this one block quilt turned out and plan to try it in other color combinations.


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great quilt. Love the colors and thanks for the sweetest comment.

twelveOeight said...

Casandra this is a fabulous idea, I so admire your skill in quilting! I have tried, and it is not my gift. Thank you so much for coming by today


Carolyn OConnor said...

I love your work Cassandra! I have never quilted but am always intrigued by it and think I would like try...maybe when I get tired of painting funky furniture! You have a gift for writing, I enjoy reading your blog. Carolyn