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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Learning to love my Bernina 750QE Lesson 1

This past month, my Bernina 750 and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary.  It's been an up and down experience to say the least.  Since I am still sane, I feel the need to document this journey and share my discoveries with other owners of this persnickety Princess.  I entered this relationship with a strong desire to utilize the machine for piecing quilts, machine applique and machine quilting with the BSR for free motion quilting.  Not the least bit interested in the embroidery options for now, even though that is a fantastic perk.  I was accustomed to piecing quilts on my two Janomes, which, I have come to realize, were true workhorses.  No muss, no fuss, they performed when asked with no whining and no tantrums.  The Princess was not so amiable but I finally figured out her mood swings.   I sew just about every single day since I am an avid quilter and have an active Etsy shop which I will shamelessly promote here....Down South Designs.  Hey, just keeping it real.  Anywho, I need my machine to dependably work at my beck and call.

Discovery #1  She gets very cranky when asked to switch from quilting mode to piecing mode.  Actually, any change in function seems to put her in a bit of a tizzy.  My solution is to rethread and give her insides a quick swab with a q tip.  Just an itty bit of dust and debris can upset her delicate system. Always, always offer her a sip of Bernina Oil to refresh her.  I find that any little bit of lubrication helps with the transition mode.  Sometimes, it amazes me how thirsty she is!! I just keeping dropping in the oil drops until it floats on the surface for a just a second before suctioning down the opening. 7-9 drops is not unusual.  But here's the catch.  She spits back up some oil in the next 20 stitches or so!  Be sure to stitch on a test sample and learn from my mistakes!

Discovery #2  No walking foot needed =  incredibly bad stitches without the Dual Feed attachment engaged.  I honestly don't know why, but that's the truth!  I've noticed it more on the straight stitch but there is a difference in quality of special stitches as well.  So what?  At least there is an easy answer to this problem!  Just pull down the dual feed and engage. It certainly doesn't get in the way or obstruct my view.

Discovery #3  There is a hiding spot for lint balls.  We all know they obvious spots to clean out the lint monsters that can weave themselves into substantial mass while we are happily stitching away.  After cleaning the feed dogs and nooks and crannies under the stitch plate, take a look down below in the bobbin area,  I usually see a small lint build up in the bobbin case area, but it's worth cleaning the case surround area anyway since she is so delicately balanced.  Take the time to remove the metal bobbin case and peer into the mechanism that turns the bobbin case.  That is always the answer to continuing thread problems for my machine.  When nothing else has worked, I check this little spot and always find a furr ball, or, rather, a lint ball, caught behind the mechanism.  I have to use a stilletto or fine sharp pointed tweezers to remove the little booger! I hope this pic helps you to
locate the exact spot.

More discoveries to follow, I'm quite sure!

Happy Stitching!

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