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Sunday, October 21, 2012

TO DO: Mud Room

I like the ability to change out fabrics in my home decor.   The drop zone area of our mud room needed some prettying up so why not design a back board you can change with the seasons?  Besides that, I'm trying to justify buying this gorgeous fabric.

I used a thick foam insulation board used in construction. It's sold in 5 X 8 ft.lengths at Lowes and Home Depot.  I prefer using this because it's cheap and can be used as bulletin board too.  I measured my opening and cut the board at a bevel to fit snugly in the area.


Just starched my fabric well and wrapped it around the board, securing it with duct tape on the back side.  It will be easy to change my fabric whenever I want.  For access, you could attach a tiny ribbon loop in the corner to help pull away the board from the wall.

The finishing touches are these great looking hooks from Hobby Lobby.  
$2 each on sale, score!


The baskets on bottom shelf are great for storing wet boots, yard shoes, etc. right at back door.  Nice size baskets.  They are on clearance right now at Lowe's.

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