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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the road again....with souvenir state glasses

This is a far step away from the usual type of thing that I create in my sewing room, but I couldn't resist posting this fabulous find from our local thrift shop.  I was so lucky to find 10 unblemished frosted state souvenir glasses sitting on the shelf of one of my favorite thrift treasure troves.  I just know that someone has a lifetime of memories in this little collection

I can remember my own childhood travels in the 60s  & 70s and how I loved all the little souvenir items that could be picked up at Stuckey's and all those little shops along the highways.  Now that I look back, I realize how limited our travels were and how limited my parent's pockets were.  But, as a child, I simply enjoyed the views from the back of our  station wagon  and longed for the fun of stopping for a restroom break at one of those little souvenir shops.  My sister and I wanted every little cute thing we saw, but were always thrilled to receive a little word puzzle or mexican jumping beans for entertainment during the rest of the road trip.  Right now, I'm torn between posting these glasses for sale in our Etsy shop or keeping them as a beginning of a new collection for myself.  They could look really great on my kitchen shelf alongside my collection of vintage mixing bowls...


Ann said...

Excellent find! Those glasses look like they're in mint condition. I have a few that I've picked up at estate sales and thrift shops over the years and love to use them in the summer when we have cookouts with friends. If I were you, I'd give serious consideration to letting them keep your vintage bowls company.

Casa De Luna said...

Such a cool find! A real piece of Americana : )

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Oh I too think they may be keppers!
I also have very fond memories or traveling around in the station wagon with the wood on the sides!
No such thing as seat belts and we usually laid down flat in the back on pillows and sleeping bags and read, played with letter slide plastic word puzzles, and (kicked and hit each other) until my parents would yell at us!!!

Great memories those glasses will conjure up. Look what they just did for me! A sentimental ride down memory lane.

Thanks so much for linking up!
Hope you will come back again next month on the first!